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Seldom if ever does Doctor Pual talk about his personal experiences…but I have had similar situations like this happen…A lady called my show and said that she was very happy with a new guy that she had been dating for 3 months and that they had all but moved in together…then her “girlfriends” began to tell her how bad he was for her and she quit dating him…Doctor Paul’s response: “never never listen to your girlfriends when it comes to the subject of men…they are not team players when it comes to men…they are jealous, and want you back in the “pack” so that they can use you to meet guys…she said she now knows but it was too late…after that broadcast a got a number of e-mails from guys all of whom said they were sure that this was their ex calling…wow…what does that tell you…so far 11 guys have e-mailed me saying that was their ex…this happens all the time…ladies if you want to know about your relationship go to a relationship consultant…your “friends” believe that “all is fair in love and war”…you are no longer available to be the “bait” to pick up guys…let me share with you a couple of the e-mails I received…(not the real letters of their first names of course) G wrote: “I am sure this is my ex. Her girlfriends did not like me from the get go. Every time she would see them after work she would have an attitude when she would see me. I got a call after we broke up from one of her “friends” who is no longer her friend (at least not this week)and told me that one of the “pack” said she had dated me ( a lie) and that I was 10 years older than I am. Not only did she lie about that too, but suddenly that lie was on the internet. The girl who called me said she would like to see me for coffee to “tell me more about it”. No way, I don’t trust any of them. Doctor Paul’s reply? “the one that lied about you is a skank, but that is the way it is…T e-mailed: ” That girl who called sounded like my ex. I met her with a group; of girls. I picked her and I think some of the others di not like it. things were great with us until she started to talk to them. They wanted her to go to clubs with them. I can see why, they are all over weight 15-20 pounds and she is only about 7-8 pounds over.So they want her to be the man catcher. Some guy will have the same thing happen to him that happened to me from that herd of buffalo.
Doctor Paul’s reply: “Stay away from those groups of women whose main sport is to trash men.” Ladies, do you see what is going on here? I made the same mistake recently with a group…I did not tell them who I was at first…I danced with one of them several times, and then she asked me to dance with one of her friends…guess why……obviously my mistake…after I danced with that one, she then said something to the first one…the first one then decided that she didn’t want to dance…I saw that one coming…I said, “hey look, I have a show to do in about 1 hour so I am leaving, but I will give you my card”…when the first one saw my card she was suddenly interested, knew who I was and said, “do you have to leave?”…then she gave me her c-phone number…Then Doctor Paul left…did I call her..absolutely not…I got some hang up calls…and guess what she forgot one time to put “private” on the call…I put call block on her…When Doctor Paul is dating he does not go to clubs…but when I am not…well…I do “research”…
    This is Doctor Paul…May Your Fantasies of Today, Be Your Realities of Tomorrow!”






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