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April 5, 2009

Letter To Dr. Paul: No Self Esteem!

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Hey Dr. Paul, I am having a hard time trusting my boyfriend. He is an awesome man who treats me 100 percent better than my last boyfriend. He listens, communicates, shares his insights…everything I could want and more. But the one thing is that I’m overweight while he’s just right and healthy. He can have any woman he wants and granted there were many women out there that have flirted and showed him interest now and then. He said he’s taken his clothes off with several girlfriends in the past but I told him that we’re not doing anything like that unless I have an engagement ring on my finger. He said he respected me and my choices and he has shown me that respect many times over. How can a man of his nature…intelligent and fit find someone like myself attractive in his eyes? I keep thinking that one day this bridge will fall while I’m standing on it and then I’m left with nothing. Help Dr. Paul!!!!

Doc’s Response:
Dear J…can you say…”low self worth”?…sounds as if you are the person he is interested in…so why sell yourself short???…If he wanted someone else it looks as if he could have them…maybe you have qualities he likes…trust?…being real?…sincere?…take a look at your assets…not your liabilities…you may wind up showing him liabilities that he didn’t even see…better download my book…more of this in there…there is no bridge…your metaphor only reveals your insecurity…you really do not want to communicate that to him sub-consciously…just smile and tell him he has good taste…how can he argue with that?…how can you argue with that?…enjoy!…All the Best!


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  1. Some men prefer larger women, some prefer thin some prefer blonds and some redheads. Well you get my drift.

    Enjoy the ride !


    Comment by joyce — July 15, 2011 @ 12:50 pm

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