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April 5, 2009

Letter To Dr. Paul: Jealous Of Facebook?

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There are times my boyfriend, of one year, have said things that make you go hmmm. He’s a great guy but sometimes I just wonder. We see each other every week and sometimes for lunch on Saturday before he goes to work. We’re making our 1st anniversary this coming Thursday and have plans for Valentine’s too. Just the other night I was talkng about my cousin Marc having to set me up an acct on Facebook and how he’s also sent me pics and stuff on Facebook to get my page going. All of a sudden my boyfriend brings up stuff from his past like Valentine’s day years ago in highschool and sending roses to girls or how he asked his neighbor next door to go to the prom with him but she couldn’t go because of prior commitments (and how maybe they could’ve have dated and things would be very different now if they did date because they were neighbors and they would be a great couple and be married by now..but she’s probably married now) and how she came over here to Hawaii for vacation and wasn’t impressed and he wanted to take her places around if she called him and would have travelled with her to the other islands if she called. I told him to go ahead and look her up and maybe she can then live in your apartment and you folks can get a go at starting something. And who knows you may end up picking up from the past and get romantic and get married. He looked at me quizzically. I wanted to bop him on the side of the head. Help Dr Paul…all I said was how my cousin Marc (whom he knows) helped me with my Facebook. What gives? I’m really upset over this yet he thinks I’m the greatest.

Doc’s Response:
Dear Ms. L…I am going to use that initial since we want this to be anonymous…I had to read this twice to find out which girl was his girlfriend…you said it was you…but he is saying it is the lady in Hawaii…well, maybe not saying it directly, but it is being communicated…that at least seems to be the case on the surface doesn’t it…now I have said that if you want to find out about a man, why ask a woman ask a man…preferably Doctor Paul…well you did and here is what I am really seeing…your boyfriend is not going to admit this…but he sounds as if he is jealous…he obviously does not want you to be placing yourself on Facebook…did he bring up the lady in Hawaii before you mentioned this? I am thinking that he did not…ask him point blank if that is why he has brought up the subject of his Hawaiian ex-girlfriend…do not accept anything other than a yes or no answer…no maybes…and be direct…be prepared for him to tell you how he really feels…maybe this guy really cares…if not…well, you were looking for someone when you found him…right?…I believe you will find that he has some serious issues with you being seen on Facebook…All The Best…Doctor Paul


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