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April 5, 2009

Letter To Dr. Paul: Hot & Cold

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Hello Dr. paul i’ve been watching your videos and found them vert insightful!! Anyway.. I have this problem.. I’m falling for a guy whos 2 years younger. Hes been showing signs of interest; on and off though. Like hes always excited when we talk but rarely initiates the contact. when I text him he doesnt try keeping the conversation going. But face to face he seems excited when talking to me.. caught him looking from afar more than once.. he always looks me straight in the eyes.. shy lots of times….etc. I think he likes me but is afraid to do something about it because of the age difference. I’m at loss and i dont know what to do about it. I’ve been showing him i like him too but i’m not sure hes getting i like him more than just a friend. I’m afraid he doesn’t like me back, or even if he does, that he wont do anything about it. I dont know if u need to know more details. Thanks a million.

Docs Response:
Hi, S…thanks for your question…people are typically visually orientated, touch oriented, or hearing oriented…your “person of interest” seems to be very visual…he tends to read people as he speaks to them or they speak to him…use this to maintain his interest…and he does sound interested…when you speak to him use terms such as “do you see what I mean”…”do you see that”…always refer to the visual…”what have you seen lately”…”did you see a movie”…we all have certain levels of each factor, but this man seems to “see” more than he “feels” or “hears”…could be he is an engineering type or works with visual things…keep your eye on this one…All The Best!…Doctor Paul


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  1. He may think because of the age difference that he has’no’ chance.

    To me that is not much of an age difference but to him it may be.

    When you talk to him ressure him that it is the level of maturity not

    age that is important….age is only a number.

    Comment by joyce — July 15, 2011 @ 1:13 pm

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