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April 5, 2009

Letter To Dr. Paul: Breaking The Bubble

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Dear, Dr. Paul Now I struggle on the one-side relationship. I interest in a guy who is two years older than me. We have worked a part time job together for quiet a year, but we have never talk a conversation at all! I’m an Asian girl, I can speak English but I have got the accent. I don’t know that he will think of me – that kind of hold me back a little bit. The first reason is the shop we work in is way so busy and when it’s time to work (which is at evening) we are all tired. Second, he is kind of person that won’t talk to the person who he doesn’t feel so comfortable, in this case, I mean, He has kind of big bubble and he is quiet. I try to look at him and smile but he has never seen me doing that. I try to greet him, well, He sometimes greets me back, and I mean just sometimes – most of time he doesn’t notice it at all. I try to make a small conversation but it’s because that he doesn’t really enjoying work here, so I can’t play with him that much. We are in the same College and he plays bass for out College concert, and I work for backstage. By your advice in the video clip, I use the post-it trick and huh! Guess who, I think he’s amused or amazed or something but, he doesn’t know who ‘Guess who’ is ,yet. I think I need to talk to him. But all those conditions I have got, I really don’t know how to do and I’m so frustrated like a little girl that can’t get a gum in glass lollipop machine. How to break the bubble and get into him? I mean, get into his mind Please have me some advices, you are the only man that could help me out?

Doc’s Response:
Dear S…thank you for writing….I don’t have time to answer all of my e-mails… I like the question…and your “Prose” was entertaining as well as…(I needed that today)…OK…let’s get started…the “guess who” is really a good idea I liked that…I may suggest it in the future…a follow up with another “guess who” could be interesting…I understand where you are coming from in terms of language… my first language wasn’t English either…I have spent several months in the last two years in Thailand and one week in Viet Nam… your accent is really plus…you are different…that is a good thing…let it work in your favor…it may be that he is also self conscious…as I believe you are…I will let you in on a well known secret…many mend find Asian women to be “interesting”..they have a certain mystique about them…use that to your advantage…In the first place I really don’t see a relationship here as being one-sided…it really is not a relationship..yet…I believe it could be…I like that “gum in a glass lollipop machine”…I don’t know what your major is, but you might try writing…Here is the plan…another post-it with a “Guess who hears you play the Bass”…now you are into his personal territory…he is probably the audible type…he really likes music…ask him to help you make a selection for your i-pod…and ask if has he recorded anything (he probably has not but he will like to hear that)…the “little girl” image as you said will work very well with seeking “advice” from him…did you ever stop to think that the may be interested in you too?…All The Best!


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