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April 5, 2009

Letter To Dr. Paul: Just Not Good Enough

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Hello Dr Paul, I’ve watched your videos for a while now and I need advice on how to save my relationship. My girlfriend has fallen in love with somebody else & no longer has respect for me, she cites the fact that I’m younger than her, that I don’t have enough experience with relationships (first one) and that I’m ‘just a kid’ (i’m 23, she’s 25). I acknowledge this to a degree however I do not act or think like somebody in my age group, I don’t even have any friends younger than me! I often feel like being forced to act and say how she wants me to be just to be diplomatic but most times end up being myself which of course is the right thing but has ended up causing the split. Another important point is that this is my first ever relationship and my partner reminds me of this. Dr Paul should I be the one to win back her respect or vice versa? Should I date other women obtain more of an understanding about relationships? Thank you for your time

Doc’s Response:
Dear M…thanks for writing…be your own man…a female that criticizes you in any area actually fears that very same thing in herself…and by the way is she able to sustain a relationship?…she said this was your first one…well…what sort of track record does she have?…first? third? fifth?…instead of asking should I win her back… ask yourself… exactly what will I be getting back?…be careful what you settle for…you may get it…All The Best!
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