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January 23, 2009


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The very word to some sounds like scratching ones nails on a chalkboard…(that would be my producer, Mike)…A Latin word meaning basically something of an ominous quality…such words as gravity are based on this…have you experienced gravitas?…truly it means slightly different things to diferent people…for us it will take on the physics term meaning a force that draws one set of particles to another…we will look at it as that force drawing two people toward each other…and I mean now!…keep in mind that the force of gravity as I recall is 32 feet per second…have you ever been drawn to someone that quickly?…maybe you have…now there are many relationship gurus who will tell you that this is not a good thing!…I know, you are expecting what you are going to get…What does Doctor Paul say?….Torofecundi (a polite way of saying B.S.)….If you are fortunate enough in your lifetime to be magnetically drawn to a potential partner or even a lifetime relationship (and please only if you are available)…DO IT…this may be the way of destiny telling you that this is here for you…the powers that be have now made it possible to have the happiness that you so deeply desire…and you are going to question it?…he or she who hesitates etc. for any reason will remain in their same mundane world from that point forward through the rest of their lives…why put that sentence on yourself?…Have you heard that a great cataclysmic event will occur on December 21st. 2012?…will it happen?…maybe…maybe not…but just in case, wouldn’t you just hate it if you passed up in life that very person that was meant for you?…let’s see…that gives us just about three years eleven months…mmmm…as I have said…life is not a dress rehearsal…so GRAVITAS ON!…This is Doctor Paul…”May your fantasies of today be your realities of tomorrow!” (Note: you may see Doctor Paul at where you may also link to his latest videos on expert village)…(All of Doctor Paul’s media items are copyrighted)


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