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January 17, 2009


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I frequently get callers and e-mail from those who are impatient…ladies…if a man has just come off a long relationship and or marriage…at least 1 year plus or what ever seems long to him…give it time…don’t push him…I am amazed at the women who contact me and say…”if only I had given him more time”…let’s face it…he is vulnurable, but he isn’t over her…and do not get outraged if he happens to use her name during sex by accident…now this may really floor you…that can mean that he is making a transfer in his mind from her to you…it doesn’t have to happen during sex it may be a slip at any time…this is true especially if she dumped him…I know there are ralationship consultants who tell you to get out if he does that…usually these are women telling you this…well Doctor Paul is telling you as a man not what you want to hear but rather the reality of what is…true, I disagree with consultants, counselors, and would be other so-called experts who pander to you in an effort to have you “hang”
with them…you will hang all right…you will hang your potential relationship out to dry…and by the way…for both men and women…however, if the other says I don’t want to see you I need more time…don’t let them go there…if they say they want to slow it down because they just got out of a relationship and are still in emotional trauma that is OK…if they say they don’t want to continue seeing you for a while…watch out..they may be trying to patch things up with the ex…even though she may not want him she doesn’t want anyone else to have him either…an ego thing or she doesn’t want to see him be happy…of course this is a tough call…one thing to remember…if you are the second woman that he is seeing after a break up…your chances are better that it is not a re-bound and that he won’t go back to the ex…in other words…the second mouse gets the cheese (the first one gat whacked in the trap)…This is Doctor Paul…”May your fantasies of today be your realities of tomorrow”…(this and all Doctor Paul items are copyrighted)


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