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November 19, 2008

Dating Where To Go?

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During this time of economic problems we still want to date…so lets go to the movies…not too bad as far a price is concerned either…stay away from the refreshments however…Dr. Paul will evaluate some films that he has recently seen…a good one was the James Bond “A Quantum of Solace”…the intro music was just awful called “Another Way To Die”…actually it sounded like something was dying a miserable death…the classic James Bond Theme wasn’t played until the end of the movie…too it right next time Columbia Pictures…as a member of Screen Actors Guild take that as a professional opinion…now to the film itself…in a word…Excellent…I would highly recommend it…Daniel Craig portrayed a seriously don’t trifle with me cold James Bond… upcoming films that look good include “Angels & Demons” with Tom Hanks…Valkyrie…but a not so good “Seven” something previews looked ho hum…That’s it for Dr. Paul’s dating data


November 7, 2008

Letter To Dr. Paul – A Hard Catch!!!!

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Dr. Paul,

I’m 21 years old… currently in university. I have had my fair share with the ladies but there is this 1 girl I met about a month ago that really has me clustered. When I see her or talk to her, my A game crumbles. So anyway, I initially met this girl through her roommates, but we didn’t really talk too much. Then 2 weeks later, I saw her at the on campus bar, so I talked to her. So when I was talking to this girl, my A game crumbled. This girl seemed very different, and I sensed that from when I first met her. She is gorgeous and yet very smart, shy and quiet. So the night at the bar, I couldn’t read her. But, I realized that she was an AMAZING girl and that we have A LOT in common – fav music, tv shows. sports, movies. So at the end of the night, I asked for her number and she told me she doesn’t give her number out like that and that I should facebook her. After that night, it felt like I was in damage control since I didn’t make much of a first impression. I’ve messaged her a few times saying how’s it going and all. One message was regarding the conversation we had at the bar – she said she hasn’t seen the season finale of what is my and her favorite show. So I sent her the link to it. She said it was sweet and all, but mostly small talk and said she had to go back to studying since it was midterm season. I’m taking it as a hint that she is not really interested, but one of my girl friends said otherwise. So I have no clue what to do. I have never worked this hard at a girl before and to be honest, I really like her. I’m seeing her this weekend at a party for halloween at a friends house. What do you think I should do? I have no clue! Thank you sir

Doc’s Response:    Good to hear from you!!…as you can appreciate, I do not answer all e-mails directly…yours however, is one of those as an “e-mail of interest”…I answer many on the show on an anonymous basis…let’s start with your “game”…stop the game concept…it’s fine until you meet a person like this who seems  to be “different”…so you need to be different too as in be yourself…all women can tell the players as in game players…this one is not buying…she seem interested but the impression you are giving to me is that she won’t tolerate the so called game…you said she is smart, shy and quiet….listen to what you are saying here…she is smart (too smart to be “gamed’) she is quiet (she is listening) and she is shy (is she really?)…now turn it around…listen to what she has to say…she said she doesn’t give her number out like that…agree with her…because neither do you…you say…you let her know that you are selective, even picky, because you do not want to waste your time….get her e-mail address…do not go to the face book…think about it you will not be the only guy there…good idea to listen to a female friend of yours…who is right by the way…she is interested from what you are telling me…now is the time to let her know that you are your own man…and can see that she is her own woman and doesn’t follow the herd…do not “work so hard”…tell her that you are not playing games…never assume that makes an ass of u  and me assume…so don’t assume with this one…let me know haw that week end went…you told me that she was an amazing girl and that you have a lot in common…have you told her? She is the one you want to see…let her know!

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