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September 4, 2007


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Let me explain…let’s say that you are the attractive one in the group or maybe it is just you and another female friend…maybe your friend or friends have some extra pounds…or maybe they just don’t attract men the way you do…so they set you up as the “bait”…that’s right, they are using you…it gets worse…I have personally seen this in action…a potential guy starts to talk to you…dances with you and you may even ask him to dance with your friend or friends…he does, but then a funny thing happens…only it is not so funny…your girlfriends who are already jealous of you see him as  a threat…maybe you will start to like this guy and won’t keep going out with them…number one they lose you as bait…and number two they are jealous of you anyway…what happens…it is the let’s go to the ladies room routine…”I just don’t like him, he is arrogant (or whatever), etc. etc.”…you have just been used…manipulated by your so called “friends” and most importantly, lost the chance to know someone who may be just right for you…please believe me, it happens all the time!…I just had a woman tell me this story yesterday…she had given the guy her phone number, they had a good time dancing and cutting up…then her “girlfriend” told her what an anal orifice she thought he was all the way home…”Doctor Paul, I started to think she was right, so when he called I did not return his call”… By this time I had heard enough…I let her see for herself what was happening…I told her to call this man back right now, and tell him exactly what happened, and that yes you would see him for coffee to get to know him better…she did that an called me…he said to her that he thought that either he had done something or that she really had a boyfriend or was married (which he wanted no part of) and further said that he felt that her “girlfriend” did not like him…be careful out there!…as Shakespeare said “things are not what they seem”…women can be very devious with each other…remember, they are all in competition with each other, and there are always fewer men than there are women…when women hit the early to mid forties it is even more true, and women who are without someone in their lives panic…they fear being alone for the rest of their lives and rightly so…suddenly a man who is 20 years older (as in Asian countries) look like good long term secure situations  (just make sure that you keep yourself in as good a shape as many men in that group  do now)…Remember, dating is a lot like finding  a parking space… The Good Ones Are  Already Taken, And The Rest Are Handicapped!” 


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