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July 12, 2007

Some Very Interesting Advice

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I came across this advice column letter and found it rather amusing to say the least!



An Open Letter To Paris Hilton…

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Dear Paris Hilton,

It is my understanding that you are now receiving a minimum of 100K per interview on various talk shows. If I am mistaken in this, please let me know. I really would not like to be mis-informed.

Now my offer to you to be a guest of yours truly, Dr. Paul is this: Dr. Paul will accept your check of $100,000.00 for the honor of being on my show. After careful consideration, I chose to make this offer to you since you deserve to present your feelings and vision of the new you. I have heard that people’s lives change, but that they themselves don’t change. I am giving you an opportunity to dis-prove that. 

I am even going to go a step further. I will allow, and even welcome you to become a co-host on my show for fee from you to me for $100,000.00 per month. This would give you a  platform to express your valuable philosophies throughout the world! The greatest benefit of course is for you to be there with the famous Dr. Paul (“If you want to find out about a man why ask a woman…ask Dr. Paul”). Just think, you and me shoulder to shoulder taking on the love-lorn of the world…you telling the men of the world what do about women and Dr. Paul telling the women of the world what do with the loves in their lives. A marriage made in heaven!

Paris, I don’t expect your answer immediately. I want you to catch your breath after this spectacular offer, and choose the who, what, why, where, and how  of this new venture…our new venture.

Paris, may your fantasies of today be your realities of tomorrow!

All The Best!…Love…Dr. Paul…(The Love Doctor)

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