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May 24, 2007

Yes, The Cheating Will Continue!!!!

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In my book, I have written that people don’t change…that is true unless of course they have some sort of “Epiphany” in their lives, like returning from an after death experience, or having a near death experience…and that’s a maybe…Someone recently said to me that, peoples lives change, but the people don’t change…exactly…they are the same people in different settings or situations…people don’t change…they may modify their behavior, but they do not change…remember, Dr. Paul is all about relationships…when you write to me, or ask me on the air if my significant other cheated in his or her last relationship will that happen in this one, the answer is Y-E-S…what makes you think you are going to be treated any differently?…if they can get away with it, they will do it…period…don’t delude yourself…an abuser, whether verbal or physical will always abuse…again, they may modify their behavior, but that underlying potential is always, and will always remain in them…cheating is a definite form of abuse..the cheater is abusing the trust and feelings of the other…it is an extension of abuse…in marriages, we often find that the abuser is in reality a woman hater or a man hater…they don’t have any intention of getting a divorce, they really have a sub-conscious desire to hurt or get even with the opposite sex…don’t walk, run from that person, and if you are married, get to the nearest divorce attorney…I have listeners and viewers who feel some personal, or even religious reason to not get divorced…I tell them to remember two things: 1) You can make a mistake and go on, and 2) You haven’t failed others, others have failed you.


May 7, 2007

A Letter To Doctor Paul – A Peeping Mom!

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Received 4/28/07

Dear Dr. Paul

I need advice! My Mom has Alzheimer’s and lives with me. She walks in on me and my boyfriend having sex and just stands there–doesn’t leave. It really doesn’t bother me that she stands there, so is it wrong that we just keep banging away? She really won’t remember the next day, so is it a big deal?

(Name withheld)

Dear (name withheld)…what a great request for advice!…I will say that this is a first…Dr. Paul does not make moral or value judgments…period…and I don’t believe in “coitus interruptus”…so with that in mind there is no issue…now if she had a video cam, and planned to put it on the web, make sure you are paid sufficient royalties to make it worth your while…it would seem that if Mom did not remember it the next day, she may come back again for another show…if the intrusion bothers you, try locking the door…I like your attitude, it seems so European…the only question that comes to mind, is if your significant other has any qualms about it…sounds like you have a great sexual attitude…enjoy.

Dr. Paul

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