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April 18, 2007

A Few More Words On Cheating

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I told you so! I told you that Dr. Paul was not the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter. However, I do believe that many of my listeners and readers still think that it could have been a possibility. I respect your opinions, regardless of how erroneous they may be. I would like to congratulate my good friend and producer/engineer/mentor and all around busy guy, Mike Peter and his wife on the new addition to their family.

Now to the really good stuff. I had a question recently from a listener/viewer at  Her pre-nup agreement includes  an adultery clause, and she suspects that her husband has been cheating…can she go to her attorney and demand that her allegedly wayward husband take a polygraph test to prove that he is not cheating. Awesome idea!…DR. PAUL LOVES IT!…what do you think? this may or may not be legal, but look at the possibilities…if he refuses to take the lie detector test, that could be seen as an admission of guilt…if he takes it and passes, then he is a hero and has really established his credibility…BUT if he takes it and flunks, he is a he-whore!…he might even opt for  a recount, and if he failed again with another operator, he is just digging in deeper…Now ladies, this goes both ways, so don’t sit there with a smirk on your face, just because Dr. Paul loves it…you too can be polygraphed! Is it legal?…who cares?…if your spouse suspects you with circumstantial evidence, and is not going to get a PI to chase your sorry, miserable, insufferable, cheating, gluteus maximus ( i.e. buttocks for those of you who did not take Latin) all over Hell and half of creation, then this may be a remedy! How could either spouse refuse?…or fiancé…or girlfriend or boyfriend?…Is the refusal to take the test  a tacit admission of guilt?… Of course it is!…Tell us what you think!


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