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March 11, 2007

The Anna Nicole Saga

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Dr. Paul has not put his opinion into the Anna Nicole Smith  fray, but now is the time…First, I am not going to comment on her lifestyle, but I do feel sympathy for a daughter who at some point in time will read about her mother’s numerous alleged affairs…she will read about the people who claimed to be her father…this is the real tragedy of this entire miserable circus…The so called “men” involved have shown no integrity whatsoever…all but one of these gutless wonders  call themselves men?…the only one who Dr. Paul respects is Larry     who came forward, and presented his DNA to the court…he took the leadership role, and did what had to be done…no court, no demand for evidence, no lawsuit, but rather a rare display taking responsibility for your actions…the other insecure, insufferable wimps who undoubtedly are on some sorely needed ego trips in order to prop up their own weak excuses to claim the title of “men” could only slither around the news media to tell the world that they too may be the father…a sad display of wishful thinking on their parts, just to tell the world they may have been intimate with a beautiful woman?…for the most part, they are nothing more than attention starved derelicts who may want to show the rest of the male population how “manly” they are…a hollow brag, all cases of arrested development reflecting nothing more than the “I did her too” rantings of adolescent boys in a gym class…until these pitiful little dolts come forward with DNA in hand, they deserve nothing but contempt…It is Dr. Paul’s wish that some day her daughter will read my opinion and feel that her mother deserved at least a modicum of respect from people who may have been in her life…and understand too that there were other people out there who agree with Dr. Paul for her well being…


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