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January 6, 2007


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Dr. Paul opened a whore’s nest this time! Victims of both He-Whores and She-Whores have e-mailed with a vengeance…the most notable question is: “How can I tell if my spouse is cheating…what are the signs?”…I have had a number of marriage counselors, who are typically psychologists or social workers, and even family practice lawyers respond to that question. The over all answer is really surprisingly common…are you ready?…here it is…they all agreed that most or all of the following happens. The cheating spouse, fiancé’, or significant other finds a reason to not have sex…headaches, too tired, ate too much, various aches and pains…or they have a let’s get this over with attitude…or women stop wearing the perfume, negligee, nylons, heels, or whatever turns the man “on”…the man may also stop wearing  items that the woman likes and stops doing the intimate things that the female likes or turns her “on”…they seem to become “lazy lovers”…the mind set of either the She-Whore or He-Whore is that they are “saving” themselves for the bastard or bitch that they are seeing…maybe even the next day or later that morning…another really common one is to pick an argument…that will work every time to avoid sex…almost like an alcoholic who creates an “excuse” to drink…so there you have the basics. According to the experts one or all of these happens every time. I won’t even go into other signs. I will let you tell me what happened in your case, or the case of someone you know. Let’s see how many we can find…oh and by the way, they all agreed on one more thing…most of the cheating that came to light was because a woman scorned blew the whistle. That’s right,  no Private Detective was involved, in fact, the average was 80% of all cases were revealed by scorned women. Makes you think twice doesn’t it?


January 3, 2007

A Few Words On Cheating..

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Dr. Paul’s upcoming book will have an in depth look at cheaters and cheating…but first, a preview of some of the more bizarre stories that have been on the air about cheating…I don’t make moral or value judgments about people…however, an opinion about an act or a choice is another matter. A chapter needs to be devoted to the non-devoted…the cheater. What is cheating? Cheating is defined as having an affair behind the back of your spouse, fiancé, or committed significant other. Like murder, there are two levels of cheating. Cheating in the first degree, and cheating in the second degree. First degree cheating is like first degree murder…it is absolute and final. First degree cheating means sexual penetration, orally, vaginally, or anally…and includes sexual fondling, feeling, and kissing…period. First degree cheating is an overt physical sexual act. No ifs, ands or buts…no excuses. Cheating in the second degree involves sexual contact through e-mails, phone sex,  flirting, secret meetings for coffee, for drinks, for lunch, or meetings  for whatever illicit purpose. Second degree cheating can and does lead to first degree cheating. 

I had a guest who was a social worker, who specialized in the area of family law. Some of her stories were amazing…the subject was cheating and  what people did about it…the typical response was to get divorced, but a variety of others came up…one man used a private detective firm, and caught his wife cheating…when asked if he wanted to file for divorce he said no way!…I am placing the evidence in a safety deposit box, and I am going to cheat on her with a vengeance until I get caught, and then let her know that there isn’t a thing she can do about it…another one was a man’s wife who cheated was given an ultimatum by her husband who said if you want to stay married to me, you bring one hundred women to me, and you either watch or join in, or I will divorce you…the social worker said the wife followed through, and they are still married…there are plenty more stories, those are just two of the many bizarre  tales.

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