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November 12, 2006


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Dr. Paul: “I frequently have the subject of lingerie come up…women sometimes ask: why do men like that… it’s not the real me…well, neither is your lipstick, eyeshadow, hair color, etc. Look at sexy nylons and heels and sexy lingerie as simply body make up. In Europe it is the norm, not the exception. Men are into their own fantasies…if they like it, do it. I’ve had women callers who say the reason they wear nylons and heels for sex is because it makes them feel sexier…it may hide some imperfections that they think they have, and it turns their man on more. Good reasons…You can thank the Ancient Egyptians for make up and heels (they knew that a woman’s butt looked better when it had a certain lift to it), and also for lingerie. I could never understand why American some women remove their heels before they have sex…at that point they are also removing one of the very thing that made them sexually  attractive in the first place. the major lingerie companies know this to the tune of making hundreds of millions of dollars per year…  


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